Strip the soul.

I open my eyes every day and I see a world that is in trouble. The world we live in is full of problems. But, we know clearly what is the problem that concerns us? I think the problem is not the world's climate, the planet always evolved on this sense. The temperature rise or fall, and species adapt to changes or die. The human beings are not the only species of this planet or the most important. We are just a part and we believe the middle of the universe. We walk with our heads held high thinking we are smarter than the dog that is sleeping on the floor. Thinking that comforts us and we don't know that the dog loves and doesn't need to reason what it feels.  The dog only feels, and that makes it a superior being. Overpopulation? What are you talking about? Does not matter how many we are and how we have been. In the end every day someone died and someone was born. What really matters is how many are hungry and how many turn a blind. I don't care if the pandas are less than before 'cos some time ago there were dinosaurs or many other species that became extinct. I worry that people don't say hello on the bus. I worry that people don't smile when they walk on the street. How many of you stop worrying about someone you see crying on the street? How many of you stop to play with children who don't know? In this world is missing sweetness. In this world is missing smile. In this world love is lacking. The love of hopeless causes is something we all must have. Doesn't care why are we fighting, what is important is fight to get it. I know I sound like a crazy hippie speech, but don't you believe the world's largest problem is the lack of love? Don't you believe that the problem is the excessive fear and hate? Stripping the soul we can take off the mask of hate and fear that society forces us to use. Strip the soul is being slightly more child and a bit less sad. Strip the soul to kill all the monsters and ugly things we created. Strip the soul is be more spontaneous. We can go around making people happy. We can create a better world. We can strip the soul and kill them all.

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